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+   Deaf Ear Healed

In a recent 3-day conference held in the North Attleboro, MA church on March 8-10, 2013, one of the notable testimonies was the healing of a woman with an ear infirmity on Friday, the first day of the conference. This woman had one of her ears deaf.

According to her, she will hear bells ringing in that ear and this is a situation she has carried for years. On Friday, the first day of the conference, as soon as Pastor David mounted the pulpit, he began to talk about this woman with that ear condition and asked that she comes forward after his sermon for prayers.

At the time, the woman was not in the conference yet. She was on her way there. That is how real the Holy Spirit is. He did it when the woman had not arrived at the meeting yet. Miracles were happening when pastor had not started preaching.

At the end of his sermon, Pastor David repeated the story of this woman with the ear infirmity and this time she was in the service. The woman stepped forward. Pastor then told her she was healed and without touching her she received her healing miracle instantly. Her ear was restored and she started testifying about the miracle.

+   Fibroid Destroyed, Woman Gives Birth

In 2008, the pastor David came to preach in our church in Hagerstown, Maryland. During the time of prayers, he asked for all seeking for the fruit of the womb to come forward. I was one of those who went up. When he prayed for me he said that anyone who has ever said that I would not be able to give birth was a liar.

This was very true because Doctors have told me before that unless surgery was performed, it would be very difficult for me to bear children. However, two months after the prayers I visited the Hospital only to be told that I was pregnant and in June, 2009, I delivered a healthy baby boy. No-surgery, No-Caesarean, risk-free miracle.

The diagnosis of the Doctors has been reversed by the Lord! Hallelujah & Praise to God!!!!

~ Sarah M.

+   Cancer Healed

My name is Laure and I was one of the participants of a conference held by our church in Hagerstown, Maryland with Pastor David as the guest speaker. When a call was made by the pastor to pray for the sick, I stepped out.

I was not sick though but went forward to receive prayers for a close friend and co-worker who was diagnosed with a cancer that was in its final stage.

After the prayers, my friend went back to the hospital, and this time her biopsy came out negative, with no trace of any cancer. The Lord had healed her. Glory be to the Lord.

~ Laure

+   Healed of 33 year Back Pains

Woman who had being on medications for severe, excruciating back pains for 33 years received her healing after a group prayer by the church. She had sleepless nights because of this back pains.

After an exciting Bible study one Thursday, she requested for prayers from the church. With one accord, the Church agreed with her in prayer and for the first time in 33years, she had a sweet sleep that night and has since lived without pain and without medications.

+   The Colorado Job Breakthrough

In the month of June 2008, a 30-day prayer and fasting was declared by the Church. The theme was crossing over to the next level. I was out of my job.

My company had gone out of business and was closed. So, I was involved in this prayer and fasting. On one of those days, Pastor David was praying for people and when it was my turn, he said to me: I see God connecting you to a man named Bob, and through that man you will get a job breakthrough to Colorado.

In fact, I was stunned when I received this prophetic word because I never could imagine myself in Colorado.

I do not know anybody there, and could not imagine how I was going to leave Worcester, MA for Colorado. But few days after this prophecy, the Lord connected me to a job with a good pay through a man named Bob Kerry, and I have been assigned to work in Denver, Colorado. Praise be to God. His word is real.

~ Alex F.

+   The Green Card Breakthrough

My name is Rebecca and my mother filed a Green Card petition for me in 2002.After my interview I got a call one day from Immigration telling me they cannot find my file and so they are going to dismiss my case and that I could be sent back to Sierra Leone in two Months. So I started praying.

Then in July, 2008 someone invited me to a program in Virginia where the pastor David was the guest Speaker.

During the time of prayer, the pastor called me and told me that my file that could not be found at immigration will be found on August 26, 2008 and that my Green card will be given to me.

Praise be to God for using His servant to prophesy to my life. It happened just as the Man of God said, and I have my Green card in my hands now. Amen!

~ Rebecca T.

+   Bound by Drugs for 32 Years Set Free

I was born into a loving and caring family but at age 13 I took to the use of drugs. Through drugs I lost my beautiful family and a well-paid job as a company supervisor. Everything around my life was a mess and I tried committing suicide five times in my life. I had no way to earn a living than doing menial job for a few dollars.

One day while doing that menial job I shed tears because I was just tired of life and I told God that If He wanted my life I will give it to him . I cried and called out to Jesus to help save my life and make himself real to me if He truly existed. In just a moment it felt like a man touched my shoulder and the bondage of drugs was broken.

I got my life back and today I am free from drugs, serving the Lord in the Church and grateful to God that I am no longer bound by drugs. I am also looking forward to be a blessing to others in a similar situation. Praise be to the Lord!

~ Louis

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