Our Pastor

Rev. David Ayesiyenga, MBA is the Senior Pastor of Living Way Christian Center.

David's childhood dream was to become an engineer someday. He did achieve that childhood dream but God had a different plan for him. In June 1994, the Lord appeared to him in a vision and took him on a tour to Heaven. This Heavenly encounter will eventually turn his faith from a Catholic Christian to Pentecostal in 1995.

Two years later, on March 3rd, 1997, the Lord called him into ministry with a mandate for the liberation of humanity from the oppression of darkness. In that vision, David saw a roll of the afflicted, the sick, and the dying. The scene was so pathetic as many people cried and wailed because of the intense pain their loved ones suffered.

At some point, David joined them in weeping, and while in tears, asking God why He will allow these unsavory things upon His people; the Lord told him, He is sending him for the liberation of the afflicted, sick and dying.

David responded to God's call from that day and has carried the gospel across Africa, Europe and the United States. He teaches the Word of God with insight and clarity, leaving his audience panting to hear more. The Lord has also blessed him with a prophetic gift, a healing and miracle ministry. Many have received tangible directions, healings and miracles through his ministry.

David is the author of five books:

He is married to his beautiful bride Patience and the Lord has blessed them with three children. He enjoys singing and his favorite song is a hymn - the "Amazing Grace".

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