The Wonders of Peace: Product Description

Peace is one of the hottest spiritual commodities in our world today. Almost everyone is yearning to enjoy it, but many have gone astray searching for it from the wrong sources. A lot of men are yet to discover its value for a successful walk into the wonders of God.

The concept of peace in the minds of both Christians and non-Christians has to be corrected, because it has been misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Knowing Your Divine Assignment: Product Description

Many failures in Life are as a result of pursuing wrong assignments. This book is an exposition on how to discover your area of assignment.

Your time of wasted years on wrong assignments will be over by the time you are done reading this book.

Winning the Race of Life Through Prayer: Product Description

Welcome to the winning moment in the race of life. This book has secret buttons to winning in life based on the Elijah-Ahab race from 1 Kgs 18:46-48.

Here, Pastor David explains how praying with this scripture turned his entire life round, and gives his testimony and the fantastic testimonies of others.

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"The Atmosphere for Miracles" $8.99 USD Printer Friendly Version
"30 Reasons Why You Need the Holy Spirit" $8.99 USD Printer Friendly Version
"Knowing Your Divine Assignment!" $8.99 USD
"Winning The Race of Life Through Prayer" $8.99 USD
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